Pool ID: 059673370c7788baec5794300b633de55f12e5f6a54eccf2a9674556

Why Choose Us


We prioritizes security with state-of-the-art measures, safeguarding both the pool and the assets delegated to it, providing peace of mind for the Cardano community.

Reliability and Uptime

We boasts an impressive track record of server uptime, ensuring a stable and consistent performance that Cardano stakeholders can rely on.

Performance and Efficiency

We consistently optimizes our operations, demonstrating efficiency that translates into competitive performance, allowing delegators to maximize their rewards.

Low Fees

MIDI stake pool is known for its competitive fee structure, offering a balance between low fees and high-quality service to attract and retain delegators seeking optimal rewards.

Hardware specifications

MIDI stake pool’s technical specifications meet the highest market standards in terms of security, leveraging the robust infrastructure of Google Cloud Platform for enhanced safety and reliability.

With the utilization of Google Cloud Platform, MIDI stake pool demonstrates exceptional resilience, ensuring continuous availability and efficient resource management even under extreme load conditions.

The outstanding performance of MIDI stake pool is made possible by integrating best practices from Google Cloud Platform, providing optimal processing power and superior responsiveness to maximize rewards for delegators on the Cardano network.

The team at your service

I am a Solution Architect based in Paris with a deep passion for blockchain projects, particularly Cardano, since its inception.
√Čtienne L.